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At LingYu, we value the mental well-being and quality of life for every individual and family.  We assist organization in their mental health challenges and enhance the psychological wellness of their employees.  We support international students in their adjustment in Canada, and equip them with resources to face their psychological challenges and advance in their education and career.  Lingyu brings in a strong team of professionals to provide comprehensive psychological services that include psychological counselling, psychotherapy, psychological assessment, mental health counselling, professional supervision, and career counselling.

LingYu International Psychology Centre has a long history of serving the international student community.  Our background and experiences allow us to provide suitable psychological services to international students in Canada to help them integrate their life and study in Canada successfully. We provide a flexible fee schedule to meet the diverse needs of this population.

Out student services include:

  • Mental Health Helpline
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychological Assessment(IQ, Learning Ability, Personality, Career aptitude, Psychological Health)
  • Professional Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • Training Course / Seminar
  • Play & Talk
  • Health Consultation
  • Immigration, Legal, Financial, Career, Tax Services