Individual/ Family Service

We provide individual, couple and family counselling and therapy

  1. Self potential development and self actualization
  2. Love relationship
  3. Marriage and family counselling
  4. Parent-Child relationship
  5. Child learning disabilities
  6. Interpersonal relationship and development
  7. Career counselling and career development
  8. Work fatigue, conflicts between career and family
  9. Lacking sense of fulfillment or achievement at work
  10. Low self image
  11. Fatigue due to stress
  12. Sexual frustrations and disorders
  13. Culture conflicts
  14. Women and child abuse
  15. Gender identity and recognition
  16. Homosexuality
  17. Eating disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia
  18. Anxiety, Depression
  19. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Hysteria, Bipolar Disorder
  20. Phobia
  21. Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  22. Alcoholism and gambling addiction
  23. Other factors causing significant stress at work or life

In today`s society, the rush of information and the development of technologies may satisfy materialistic needs. But to many people, the stresses due to changes in aspects of life such as family, work, interpersonal relationships, and competition interfere with happiness. Many of us are lost in this changing world as to where to go, what we need, and even who we are.

In Lingyu, we believe “your attitude determines your life for now, but your psychological development will determine your future”. Many people are fulfilling the needs for houses, cars and clothing, some are neglecting their needs for mental growth. This accumulation of stress makes people while tired and unmotivated towards life, resulting in low quality of life, and even becoming very unsatisfied. But this does not just occur on a personal scale; it affects groups of people such as companies and organizations as well.

How can a person stay competitive in the workforce yet maintain their quality of life? How can a company stay competitive in the market and stay ahead of others?

Individual service

Individual Therapy – Many individuals experience issues and trauma during life, which cause distress mentally and emotionally, affecting work and the quality of life. If these issues are left unattended, they will develop into problems, causing significant impacts on a person`s daily function. Individual counselling will help the client in understanding and resolving such issues and trauma, by exploring internal conflicts, improve interpersonal relationships and modifying negative thinking and behavioural patterns. Also develop effective thinking style and coping methods in dealing with issues and stress, overcoming barriers and finding meaning in one’s life.

Family service

Couple Therapy- Reduce conflicts, develop effective communication and interaction methods, promote mutual understanding and exploring each person`s relationship and family histories and how they affect their relationship. Counselling intends to improve the quality of the relationship. If the couple decided to separate or divorce, counselling would help in reducing the emotional trauma, pain and conflicts.

Family Therapy – Promote mutual understanding of self and others, also inter-generational, cultural and religious differences. Reduce conflicts, develop effective communication, interaction methods and develop support among family members, as well targeting specific concerns.

Child/Youth service

Emotional and behavioral assessments and psychological treatments can help children/youth who suffer from distress in the cases of culture shock, family conficts, bullying, peer pressure, attention disorders, and learning disablilties. Our services can help children/youth overcome psychological issues and allow them to thrive in healthy enviroment.

Group/company service

In businesses, the increasing demand in employee/individual oriented management also raise more problems and conflicts between management/employees, and company/clients. The traditional means of human resources management and marketing strategy have became insufficient for management in the company and for the company to develop and stay competitive in the market.

Lingyu provides a wide range of services for individuals, families and businesses. We are able to provide services for your individual needs, and delivered them in a personalized manner.

Our services will help you and your family take care of your psychological well-being throughout life, stay motivated, and get more enjoyment out of living.

We have experts in the fields of psychology, education, commerce and business management. Our professionals are able to assess your company`s culture and structure, and provide recommendations on an international level. We provide psychology counselling services for businesses, this can improve employee satisfaction and motivation, helping your company stay ahead in the market.

We provide training to professionals, also knowledge and informational to the public in promoting awareness and understanding. At the same time, we also emphasize on cooperation efforts with other psychological and mental health organizations.

Group therapy/ workshop

Group counselling involves individuals who are having difficulties that are of personal, educational, or social nature. Sessions address specific individual needs. It is an efficient way to support and help our clients to deal with psychological issues through interactions with other workshop participants. Ling Yu holds group counselling in the following subjects:

  • Confidence Restoration
  • Awareness and Wisdom/Know Theyself
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Pain Management
  • Career Planning
  • Self Experssion and Communication
  • Parenting Skills
  • Intimate Connection
  • Family Restoration
  • Empathy
  • Sexual Education

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Lingyu provides high quality, culturally sensitive EAP services that help companies and organizations solve various complicated issues in our multicultural environments.

Our employee service programs will help you manage work and life issues with complete confidentiality. Our experts are able to provide assistance in issues such as work stress, family issue, and personal concerns. Many professionals at Lingyu are especially familiar with immigrant transition, and are able to provide effective, culturally sensitive, multi-perspective services. Most companies have purchased EAP services aside from regular insurance benefits (such as dental care, physiotherapy, glasses, massage) for their employees; contact your company for more information on plans and coverage.

Our services to employers include leadership training, assessment of effectiveness of leadership, communication and interactions with employees and risk assessment. All these services can help in employer recognize and prevent hidden issues, improve effectiveness of leadership, promote positive work environment and increase productivity for the entire organization. These services are provided with added multicultural advantage from Lingyu, to help organizations and companies develop, and prevent potential issues and advise on risks.

MVA/WSIB Assessment and Therapy

Psychology Assessment includes the evaluation of psychological impacts after motor-vehicle accidents (MVA) and trauma. Many individuals experience stress end emotional issues after accidents or traumas. For example stresses coming from financial aspects, insurance, anxiety, worries, fear of driving, lacking motivation and problems at work, home and social interactions.

People who suffer the conditions above are likely to be suitable candidates for psychology assessment, it will help in self-understanding and how one may benefit from psychotherapy.

Educational service for mental health

We provide psychology counselling, education, business and market psychology training for individuals, groups and companies. Our professionals are well experienced in this field. We provide training in a flexible manner, including face-to-face presentation, via internet or video conference. The flexibility allows you and your company participate in the training at work or at home. There are also services focusing on specific problems for specific groups.

Career counseling and extension development

Do you have trouble finding a career? We can help you to:

  • understand your interests, strengths and career values, and find jobs that match.
  • set career goal and development plan.
  • make meaningful choices in career.
  • plan for career change.

Do you need new job seeking strategies? We can help you to:

  • make realistic and achievable job hunting plans.
  • conduct occupational research.
  • apply for internship in leading companies of the industry..
  • make customized resumes and other application documents that communicates effectively.
  • develop effective job search strategies and make a difference in your job search result
  • communicate confidently and effectively
  • prepare for interview and increase your chance of success.

Do you want to improve your workplace communication or advance in career? We can coach you to:

  • adapt to the work culture, and better position yourself in the work environment.
  • communicate effectively and confidently at work.
  • improve business communication skills, including socialization conversation, presentation skills, attending and hosting meetings, business etiquette, and English language skills.
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Build positive interpersonal relationships at work.
  • communicate with co-workers and superiors from different culture backgrounds effectively.
  • develop long-term career plans.

Motivation trainings for Businesses Development

We have experts in the fields of psychology, education, commerce and business management. Our professionals are able to assess your company`s culture and structure, based on which we provide effective recommendations. We provide psychology counselling services to improve the employee satisfaction and motivation in your company, and help your company stay strong in the competition.

We provide regular services covered by company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We also provide counselling and consultation services in areas of management and employee relation, company and management relations and company and client relations. By professional analysis, we are able to make recommendations based on your company`s culture on structuring and improving the departmental, interpersonal and psychological aspects of your company, which will result in improvement and development of employee motivations, potentials and creativity.

Online Courses

Lingyu International Psychology Centre will be developing online programs and courses in the next two years and upload them to our website. You may choose training programs and courses based on your interest. We will notify you once our courses are ready.
So far we are planning to cover the following topics

  • Personal Development
  • Marriage and Love Relationship
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Business and Marketing Psychology
  • Interpersonal Social Psychology
  • Parent Child Education
  • Crisis Hotlines Training
  • Hypnosis
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Special Education for Children.

Feel free to suggest other topics to us: