Group Counseling

Group counselling involves individuals who are seeking growth or having difficulties in the area of personal, interpersonal, or social nature. Sessions address specific individual needs. It is an efficient way to support and help our clients to deal with psychological issues through interactions with other workshop participants.

LingYu holds group counselling in the following area (Chinese only):



Students Growth Group

Lingyu Student Growth Group focuses on helping Chinese international students develop a healthy life experience in Canada, including their academic life, interpersonal relationships, career development, and positive mental health and psychological adjustment. The group is led by a group of registered psychotherapists to provide Chinese international students with a safe environment where they can express their emotion and share their experience and thoughts freely. In this group students have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their life experience in Canada, they will learn from other’s life stories, and enhance their ability to reach their full potentiality.



Chronic Pain Management Group

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or perceived tissue damage. An increasing number of people have been plagued by chronic pain in our competitive society, of which a considerable portion is due to unhealthy life style. When encountered such a situation, we can use some effective method to relieve the symptom of pain. Lingyu Chronic Pain Management Group is facilitated by a group of professionals with variety backgrounds to help our member reduce pains, improve body functions, enhance their ability to participate into social life, as such return their homes and the society as early as possible.


Healthy Relationship Group

Love, marriage, and parent-child relationship is at the core of our lives. Everyone, at certain times of their life, will have to deal with conflicts with their lovers, children, or other family members, and potentially engage in negative interaction patterns – hurting each other’s feelings, damaging their love or family relationship, and creating potential stressors in their children’s development process. How to use traditional Models of marriage and family relationship to deal with the challenges in the modern age? Lingyu Healthy Relationship Group will have professionals in marriage and family therapy to lead you to explore the secret in our love, family and parent-child relationships.



Excellent Parenting Group

Under cultural influence, many Asian parents put a strong focus on the academic achievement of their children, but undermine the quality of their emotional health.  Recent research among Asian students in Canada suggest their academic performance are generally above average, but their self-confident, communication, leadership, and problem solving ability are below students from other culture. Draw from the latest research and theory from the field of development psychology, neurology, child education, as well as family therapy, our Excellent Parenting Group at Lingyu provide a platform for Asian parents to understand themselves and their children, and rethink their parenting approach to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children to grow and thrive in life.



Stress and Anxiety Management Group

As the fast pace of urban life became more and more intense, people experience immense stress in their life which, without proper management, could result in emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and anger and grief.  Our stress and anxiety management group will deepen your understanding and provide you with new tools for managing life stress and cultivating inner balance and peace.