Defense mechanisms in the 21st century

Jerome S Blackman, MD, DLFAPA, FIPA, FACPsa   Defenses can be found in language, entertainment, humor, and literature. We use defense theory to explain various types of human behavior, thought, and psychopathology. Defenses inform the research of some neuroscientists. We can also use defense theory to refine ideas about supportive and interpretive types of psychotherapy. […]

So Charming, it’s Alarming

Commentary On The Characters And Their Conflicts In West Side Story Jerome S Blackman, MD, DLFAPA, FIPA, FACPsa   What goes on in the mind of adolescents?  Especially adolescents in love?  Do they have different neuronal receptors, as an article in a news weekly once suggested?  Or, are they the victims of their own raging […]